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enough is enough- a community meeting for women-identified poets


join us for a consciousness-raising meeting to discuss what's going on in our NYC poetry communities. we are sickened, disturbed, scared and confused by the onslaught of accounts of rape, assault, and aggression our friends and colleagues have bravely shared-- and fed-up with the pervasive culture of sexual violence, intimidation, and misogyny that continues to exist in our poetry circles-- in real life and on the web.

let's do something about it-- and work to keep ourselves and each other safer.

There will be 2 NYC meetings:

Community Meeting-
Sun. Oct. 26th, 2 pm @ Berl's

*Come share your stories and help raise consciousness around what's happening in our communities. We will also discuss concrete next steps for making our poetry spaces safer. All women-identified poets are welcomed.

MEETING #2 POETRY STAKEHOLDERS MEETING (editors/publishers, venue managers, etc.)
Week of Nov. 3rd (DAY/TIME TBD)

*Come discuss the next steps/action items that came out of our first meeting and be our ally! Poetry editors/publishers, series curators, venue managers, etc. are welcomed. We can't (nor want to) do this without you!