Sade Murphy and Coda Wei

Sade Murphy a poet and artist from Houston, TX. Sade is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, the author of Dream Machine (co-im-press, 2014), and a columnist at Real Pants (Lonely Britches and What's the Tea). They are pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing and Activism at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. They are the new chapbooks editor for Horseless Press and a co-curator for a reading series at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg.

Coda is a nonbinary femme currently hiding in upper darby recovering from white feminism & the loss of the oriental grl/qtpoc wytch crew which never existed & trying to work on their shit. previous writings can be found at the fanzine, lies vol. 2, HOLD mag, and under the name debbie hu at perfect lovers press in moonroot #2, hoaxzine #8, and everyday genius. tumblr: