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A Witch Craft/Sad Spell Press Grimoire Launch Event for Nicola Maye Goldberg with Deirdre Coyle & Ruby Brunton

Please join Nicola Maye Goldberg, Ruby Brunton and Deirdre Coyle for the NY release of Nicola's debut novel OTHER WOMEN.

About OTHER WOMEN: After dropping out of college, a young woman wanders through New York, longing for a man she knows will never love her back. She thinks she finds salvation when Charlotte Herzfeld, the young wife of a successful businessman, hires her as a live-in nanny to accompany the family on their trip to Berlin. Both thoughtful and restrained, Goldberg’s prose examines the painful obsession that so often accompanies the confusing lust of youth. 

OTHER WOMEN was released on November 28. Nicola has graciously made the decision to donate 50% of her royalty proceeds to the ACLU.

Nicola Maye Goldberg‘s work has appeared in Witch Craft Magazine, Electric Cereal, the Quietus, and elsewhere. She lives in California.

Image credit: Deirdre Coyle's mother

Image credit: Deirdre Coyle's mother

Deirdre Coyle is a writer, fashion librarian, and non-practicing mermaid. Her work has appeared in Lit Hub, Luna Luna Magazine, Hello Giggles, Goddessmode, Cheap Pop, and elsewhere. She edits Mixtape Methodology and co-hosts The Manhattanville Reading Series in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Ruby Brunton is a New Zealand-raised poet and performer who now lives in Brooklyn. She spends a lot of time thinking about intimacy, how to create community, and education alternatives. Find her on Twitter & Tumblr @rubybrunton.