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A Poets Resistance (A Poets' Resistance)

A POETS RESISTANCE (A POETS’ RESISTANCE) is a community forum for writers to respond to the recent US election and voice their fear, grief, outrage, and concerns for the future.

We have no formal roster of readers for the evening; the floor is open to any artists and writers. Please feel free to bring any work to present, either your own or by others, that has helped you through this turbulent political season.

We also welcome reflections, commentaries, and discussion. If you cannot make it in person and would like to submit material to offer via projection please contact us at

This event will be hosted by Gabriela Garcia. Her work has appeared in Word Riot, NPR, and Parallax, among others. She is an MFA candidate in poetry at Columbia University, the founder of the podcast On Poetry, and the proud daughter of a Uruguayan immigrant.

We hope you may join us as we mobilize together through poetry to help process this moment and to empower and support each other, especially those most at risk. We hope that this will be a gathering in the spirit of community and togetherness, meeting intolerance and atrocity with love, empathy, imagination and resistance.