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Adrienne Herr, Suzanne Goldenberg, Natalia Panzer, Giovanna Sundqvist Olmos, & Madeleine Braun

Adrienne Herr is an artist and writer currently residing in NYC. She enjoys swimming and riding horses. Her poetry readings often include elements of performance. Her website is

Natalia Panzer lives in Brooklyn, NY. She co-runs Glass Press with LA Warman, LAYM with Theodore Cale Schafer, Lynn with Michael Squeo, and writes about contemporary music for Tiny Mix Tapes under the name Cookcook. 

Giovanna Sundqvist Olmos is an artist and writer. She is currently living in NYC.

Madeleine Braun studied at the University of Manitoba in the English Department and holds a bachelor’s degree from Dalhousie University. She was born in Winnipeg Manitoba. Madeleine is the recipient of a Brooklyn Poets Fellowship. Her poetry has appeared in The Impressment Gang, The Stockholm Review of Literature, and is forthcoming in Matrix. Madeleine hosts a reading series entitled Throop Avenue Reading Series in her backyard.

Suzanne Goldenberg is a NYC-based artist and writer. Her writing and visual work incorporate the detritus - the forgotten and discarded - of day-to-day life. She assembles these objects and their histories into compositions that bear traces of the emotional, the architectural, and the comic. Her work has been exhibited internationally and in New York at Gallery Molly Krom, Art In General, CANADA Gallery and Lesley Heller Projects. Her poems have appeared in Anguish Language, F Magazine and Leaf Litter.