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Eileen Ramos presents "Eileen's Fortune Cookie Reading"


Eileen Ramos describes the evening in her own words:

"Hi everybody! I'm Eileen Ramos, a Filipina-American writer, and I'm hosting my first ever reading at Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop! With this dream come true, I decided to make it really creative and ask my Asian-American writer friends to base their reading off of one of my dozens of collected fortune cookie slips.
They can take the entire sentence, a phrase, a number, a word, the translation, or the character as their prompt, incorporating it however they want, even subverting it, as long as we see the connection. And they can present whatever they like–monologue, essay, spoken word, fiction, comic, etc.–as long as they do it within five minutes.
I'm thrilled to be the host and showing you all my talented and lovely friends, some of whom are performing for the very first time."


Abet Speaks
Nadia Q. Ahmad
Christian Angeles
Jen Hyde
Dena Igusti
Angela Y. Law
Eileen Ramos
Summer Dawn Reyes
Maria Rubio
Rebecca H. Wang