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A Puzzle Is Still Made of Pieces by Brendan Gillett Release reading

Join us to celebrate the release of Brendan Gillett's first chapbook "A Puzzle Is Still Made of Pieces." 

About "A Puzzle Is Still Made of Pieces:"

So much of "A Puzzle Is Still Made of Pieces" are the explorations of moments between Gillett and the city's inhabitants: lovers & heartbreak, the fear of lost connections and writing those demons out, speaking truth to power: "there is nothing to save here / there is only share / and try / and listen / and try again / and share / and listen / and speak / and try try try / if you get someone to hear you / then blow your fucking voice out / sometimes / it is better to speak in pain / than live in silence." "A Puzzle Is Still Made of Pieces" is a celebratory work by a luminous poet harnessing hope during these times where we are all trying to fit within the differences that hold us together. 

About Brendan Gillett:
Brendan is a high school English teacher and poet in Brooklyn. He's slammed his way from New Hampshire to Washington, DC and performed at venues as varied as comic cons and gay bars. "A Puzzle Is Still Made Of Pieces" is his first chapbook that he didn't make himself. Brendan is an obvious Sagittarius.