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Gizem Okulu, David Grundy, Christina Chalmers & Diana Hamilton

Gizem Okulu’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Datableed, Intercapillary Space, Botch, Paradise Now, Infinite Editions and the anthologies From London Out and Wretched Strangers. She is the author of Too Sliced For Landing (Materials, 2017) and Master Island (Tipped Press, 2018), and co-edits the poetry magazine Splinter.

David Grundy co-runs the small press Materials and co-edits the poetry magazine Splinter. Books of poetry are: Whatever You Think The Good Home (Punch Press, 2014), The Problem, The Questions, The Poem (Tipped Press, 2015), To the Reader (Shit Valley, 2016) and Relief Efforts (Barque Press, 2018). A critical book, A Black Arts Poetry Machine: Amiri Baraka and the Umbra Workshop is forthcoming from Bloomsbury.

Christina Chalmers was born in Edinburgh, studied in Cambridge, lived in London, and has recently relocated to New York. Her books are Work Songs (Shit Valley, 2014) and Willingness(Materials, 2017). Her poetry has been published widely in such on- and off-line venues as: Datableed, Materials, Sundial, and Rivet.

Diana Hamilton writes about crying, shitting, consenting, kissing, dreaming, fainting, writing, and reading. Specifically, she's published a few books on these subjects: God Was Right (forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse), a collect of poem-essays about cats' deaths, friendship, love, and Jane Austen; The Awful Truth (Golias Books), an annotated bibliography of dreams and a novella about anxiety; Okay, Okay (Truck Books), a book of poetry (mostly) about women crying at work; and Shit Advice Columnist, which is pretty self-explanatory. She's also published some chapbooks, including Universe (Ugly Duckling) and Some Shit Advice (The Physiocrats). You can walk through audio recordings of her dreams in Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford's videogame, Diana Hamilton's Dreams (Gauss PDF), which is a sister project to The Awful Truth. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Cornell University, where she wrote about "style." She teaches writing in New York. She is
from Indiana.