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A Norwegian poetry exchange event and book launch featuring Norwegian poets Mathias R. Samuelsen, Rune F. Hjemås, Amalie Kasin Leirstang, Hilde Susan Jægtnes and Paul Legault

With travel funding from NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad)

Amalie Kasin Lerstang is the author ofEuropa , recipient of the Norwegian Tarjei Vesaas Award for best debut of the year. I 2018 she released a collection of prose poems, VÅRS, where she investigates identity, social heritage, class issues and how your hometown leaves its mark on you. Lerstang has been the editor of the Norwegian art magazine Fanfare, and is currently writing on a tv-series.

Henning Bergsvåg is the author of six volumes of poetry. The latest, Du er ikke her, was published in 2016. Bergsvåg is one of the leading poetry organizers in Norway. He is currently living in Berlin.

Rune F. Hjemås is a prose writer, essayist, translator, editor and poet. He is one of the two founders of the small press and magazine Beijing Trondheim. Hjemås latest publication of the novel Aurora, was published in 2018. Along with Mathias R. Samuelsen, he edited the anthology Ny Amerikansk Poesi, for Samlaget publishing in 2018.

Hilde Susan Jaegtnes is an American-born Norwegian screenwriter, fiction writer, poet, musician and performance artist. She has published four books: a poetry collection, a flash fiction collection and two novels. In 2017, she was nominated for the Amanda Award for the feature film script Handle With Care.

Mathias R. Samuelsen is a poet, translator, editor and organizer. Since 2015 he has worked as artistic adviser for the Norwegian festival of Literature. Together with Rune F. Hjemås, he runs the small press and magazine Beijing Trondheim. Samuelsen has published three books of poetry, the latest, Ære. Være 1- 36, in 2017. In 2018 he edited the anthology Ny Amerikansk poesi, with Hjemås. He is currently translating Ocean Vuong’s Night sky with exit wounds.

Morten Langeland is a poet, literary critic, and editorial member of the Norwegian poetry and experimental prose press H//O//F. He is the author of four books of poetry; the latest, Zoonetter, was published in 2017.

Paul Legault is the author of The Madeleine Poems (Omnidawn, 2010), The Other Poems (Fence, 2011), The Emily Dickinson Reader: An English-to-English Translation of the Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson (McSweeney's, 2012), Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror 2 (Fence, 2016), and Lunch Poems 2 (Spork, 2018).