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1942: A Cooking Show performed by Anna Young

A cooking class/play/dinner party inspired by MFK Fisher's WWII cookbook, How To Cook A Wolf. designed to be performed in private homes and public spaces, this is a show about sustenance, survival and appetites. Join Mary Frances, live, in living color! Celebrate the publication of her book and cook the beast on air. In 1942, time and space are fluid: light labor, active questioning and heady flavors are what's for dinner. A seat at the table guarantees tasty conversation: be prepared to share/listen to foodstories, memories, simmering pots & knives on blocks. The show is 2.5 hours long. the first hour+ is immersive gastrotheater; the second, solid consumption & digestion. vegan appetizers & bread, vegetarian dessert & beans, pescatarian soup.

For more information about this special ticketed performance, click to or contact Anna Young at

Anna Young is an actor/food service professional. Born and bred in NYC, Anna graduated with honors from LaGuardia H.S. for the Performing Arts and Smith College (BA HONS) before completing the three year acting conservatory (MA HONS) at the royal central school of speech and drama, London. Anna has performed at University Settlement, Signature Theater's New Plays Festival, on governor's island and at the Pearl in New Orleans. When not writing and performing, anna has worked at publicWythe hotel & roman's. She currently teaches baking classes at Milk bar. Anna is the sole creator/ performer of 1942

MFK Fisher (1908-1992) was one of the foremost writers on food in America. For more on Fisher and her daring do's, pick up one of her books.for immediate introduction, Click here for more information about MFK Fisher..